The Top Review Sites For Accountants

Would you hand over all your financial information to a total stranger? You probably wouldn’t, not without checking out their background first. It’s hard for consumers to find an accountant they can trust; the thought of sharing bank information is intimidating for many individuals and businesses.

In the accounting industry, online reviews are essential - when customers are searching for an accountant, they’ll look at a company’s reviews before they choose one to call. Your online reputation shows clients whether your firm is reliable, trustworthy, and/or experienced. Here are the top review sites for accountants that you should keep an eye on:

As an accountant, you can retain clients for a lifetime if they’re satisfied with your work. Don’t let bad reviews get in the way of your success. Imagine the impact that a bad review on one of these websites could have. The importance of online reviews cannot be understated - it can make or break your business. One bad review can cost your business 22% of your customers. If you have four negative reviews or more, you stand to lose 70% of your clients. To keep your existing customers and gain new ones, your reputation has to be high-standing.

You can’t overlook how online reviews are tied to the prosperity of your firm; improving your online reputation can garner you more customers. Clients need to trust their accountants; they’re sharing personal financial information with them. The best way to manage your online reviews is by using reputation management software. You’ll be alerted the moment a new review comes in, and be able to respond and address any concerns. Generate, monitor, and analyze reviews using

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