The Top Review Sites For Dentists

Dental anxiety is common among adults and children; it’s a fear of the unknown combined with anxiety surrounding needles and tooth discomfort. One way that patients relieve this stress is by researching dentists before scheduling an appointment. If your website receives good reviews, it will allow your dental practice to grow and gain new clients.

A dentist that has received many good reviews proves and assures that they are credible and considerate of their patients’ comfort. A positive online reputation can help alleviate the stress that many people feel when visiting the dentist. If someone requires work like a dental implant or root canal, they want to see a dentist who has an excellent track record with these matters. To help you manage your reputation, we’ve listed some of the top dentist review sites:

If your dental practice has a listing on these review sites, you’ll be exposed to more patients. Up to 51% of patients use search engines when searching for dentists. An online presence can get you clients who would not have known about your practice otherwise. But to have a good listing on these websites, you might need help managing your reviews or requesting clients to write you some.

How do you build credibility and authority as a dentist? With the use of reputation management software. RepCo can help your practice generate reviews, manage your reputation, and analyze insights from your patients’ experiences. The process of sending review requests will be easy with our automated SMS and email messages sent on a drip schedule. Manage your online image in real-time when you are alerted each time you receive a new review. Reputation management software is the next step your dental practice needs to grow your client base.

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