The Top Review Sites For Doctors

Your online reputation is intricately linked to the success of your medical business. A doctor with no reviews may look suspicious to patients - they’d rather choose one with feedback from previous clients.

Having your healthcare practice listed on one of the websites listed below can greatly influence whether patients will choose your business. The numbers don’t lie: after seeing a negative review, 94% of people will be convinced to avoid a business.

While many businesses are familiar with online marketing, they often forget about one key part of it: review management. It’s an essential part of running a healthcare business. What your patients read about your practice online will have a tremendous influence on whether or not they’ll call you. The healthcare industry is vast, and patients have hundreds of doctors to choose from. If they find your glowing online reviews, they’ll be convinced to call your practice. But how do you generate reviews and manage your existing ones?

Here’s the good news: there’s a software that can help. RepCo offers reputation management software that can save your business from negative reviews. You’ll receive alerts as soon as new reviews come in so you can address them and respond accordingly. Generate new and positive reviews from previous patients who value your healthcare practice. With our software, you’ll have full control over your online reputation.

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