The Top Review Sites For Lawyers

When you are facing issues with the law, you need someone on your side who’s experienced, well-versed, and reliable. The consequences of legal issues are far-reaching, which makes this profession unlike any other. Clients need to know that their attorney will take their case as seriously as they do; the quality of service that lawyers provide can make the difference between a clean record and jail time.

How do clients find a lawyer they can trust? Like most consumers (approximately 93% of them), they will use online reviews to influence their final decision. As a lawyer, your practice will benefit by having a claimed listing on a reputable review database. Here are the most popular sites that clients search to find credible attorneys:

Many people seek counsel using these websites to find an attorney who has experience in their specific legal matter, whether that’s divorce, custody, injury, or bankruptcy law. For something as personal and important as legal matters, online reviews play a large role in determining which lawyer a client chooses. Reviews are a form of advertising, but more effective than paid ads since they are organic - they’re written by clients about their experiences. With so many other lawyers available, how do you set your practice apart?

Reputation management software can help your legal practice build a strong online presence. At RepCo, we offer software that will help you request reviews from clients, build your brand, and analyze your existing reviews. Addressing negative reviews can save your practice from a poor image; responding to a 1 or 2-star review results in a 33% chance that the user will upgrade their initial ranking. RepCo will notify you the moment a new review is received so you’ll be ready to address any concerns that a client may have. For more information about how reputation management software can help grow your law practice, visit our website.

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