Generating More Reviews For Your Business

August 20, 2022

To click, or not to click - that is the consumer’s question. CTR, or click-through rate, refers to the number of customers who decide to click on your business among a list of search results; it’s calculated by dividing total clicks by impressions. For consumers to contact your business and make purchases, they need to visit your website, so this statistic is especially important for the success of your company. Up to 56% of consumers choose to click a business because they have a high rating and positive reviews. When someone clicks your website, there’s a chance that they’ll be converted into buying customers. For your business to make sales, your website needs a high CTR, and online reviews play a significant role in generating clicks.

There are all types of tactics you can use to increase your CTR - and no, we’re not talking about click-bait. It’s important that businesses utilize captivating content, clever titles, and meta descriptions to make a reader curious enough to click. One factor that plays a vital role in CTR is online reviews, and they’re not as easy to control as the other methods. Studies show that the more stars your business has, the more clicks you get: 5-star businesses get 69% of clicks, while 3-star ones get 44%. This goes to show that positive reviews can increase CTR.

Negative reviews have another impact on CTR. Consider this dilemma from the perspective of a customer: would you trust a business that had no reviews, or only 1 and 2-star reviews? You’d probably feel more inclined to click on the website that had a rating of 4 to 5-stars. If your business has negative reviews, this can dissuade people from clicking your listing; they’ll choose a competitor with a more positive rating. 

CTR has been a contentious topic when it comes to search engine optimization. Google is notoriously elusive about which factors affect SEO, or how highly websites are ranked in their search algorithm. Even though the company has denied that CTR is a factor, other studies point to its significance. Whether it is or isn’t a ranking factor, it definitely plays a role in the success of your business. CTR indicates whether your company persuaded a customer to follow through to your website - it can make or break a sale.

Click-through rate is an important measure for your website. Positive reviews build trust and authority for your business, and entice consumers to click to your website over your competitors’ -  they are an extremely influential factor. If you want to increase your CTR and boost your sales, then you need a way to stay on top of online reviews. That’s where reputation management software comes in. 

RepCo offers a tool that will allow your business to take control of your online presence. Never be surprised by a bad review again - you’ll be alerted the moment new reviews are received so that you can monitor and respond to them. Start generating reviews with our automated request system, which will contact your customers on a drip schedule. Then, gain valuable insight from the feedback you’ve received to improve your business. Reputation management can help increase your website’s CTR, and in turn, boost your sales. 

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