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Want to convert more customers using your website? You’ve written compelling copy, taken high-quality photos of your business, and put together an optimized landing page.

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There’s one thing missing that will turn page surfers into paying customers: A reviews widget

Here’s how it works: Imagine you’ve just received a glowing 5-star rating from a happy customer on Google. When a user visits your website, they’ll immediately see that review on your homepage. That review will influence them to trust your business - they’ll feel more confident about purchasing one of your products or services.

With Rep.co, you can instantly embed reviews on your website; it’s as simple as copying and pasting the code from your account dashboard. This plugin will automatically display reviews that you’ve collected from various sources, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Increase sales by displaying reviews on your website. The Rep.co review widget makes this process as easy as can be.

Why Your Website Needs a Review Widget

Show customers why your business is reputable with a reviews widget. This plugin will populate your website with positive reviews from previous customers—and it does so automatically.

Here’s how your business can benefit from this plugin:

Build social proof

Businesses make all sorts of claims about the quality of their services. But how do customers know if these claims are true? They may not take your word for it—they want to hear what your customers have to say.

This is what makes reviews such a powerful conversion tool. As a business, you can’t create social proof without the help of reviews from third parties. Review widgets allow you to show users what real customers are saying.

When you embed Google reviews into your website, every user will see the feedback you’ve collected. Improve your online reputation with review widgets.

Improve the visibility of your reviews

You know that Google reviews are powerful sales tools. But for positive reviews to be effective, people need to see them. What about users who visit your site directly? They might never see the Google reviews you’ve collected or the 5-star rating you have on Yelp.

A review widget bridges the gap. Display your 5-star ratings to customers who would’ve otherwise missed the memo.

Boost sales

These days, it’s hard to find a website without customer testimonials. There’s a reason for that. When a website features customer reviews, it causes a 45% boost in traffic and a 62% increase in revenue.

Put your reviews to work when you display customer testimonials on your website. It’s an effective way to build trust among customers. Show them that your business is a cut above the rest using a reviews widget.

Highlight the best qualities of your business

What sets your company apart from your competitors? Is it your high-quality products? Attention to detail? The user experience you provide?

Your happy customers know the answer better than anyone. Let them explain it in their words using a review widget. This saves you the time of writing more website copy; user-generated content will do all the talking for you.

Generate more reviews

A review widget shows users that their feedback matters to your business. When users see other reviews on your website, it can encourage them to leave feedback of their own. You’ll end up with even more reviews to display on your widget.

Reviews Widget Features

If you’re looking for a reviews widget, you might wonder which plugin will work best with your website. At Rep.co, we’ve designed a widget that combines customization with a user-friendly interface.

Design your review widget to meet your needs and match your branding. Features include:

Customizable review widget

Personalize your review widget to align with your branding. Choose between light or dark mode to match your website. You can also customize the colour of the background, review stars, font, and more.

With Rep.co, you can choose from 4 different review widgets:

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Floating toast

Reviews will appear as a small rectangle in the centre, right, or left-hand corner of the page.
Embeddable div

This template is displayed directly on your website page. You can choose how many reviews to display at once and whether you want to cycle through different reviews.
Grid type

With this layout, all your reviews are shown in a rectangular or square grid.
Masonry type

This layout is very similar to the previous option, but with one difference: The reviews are displayed at unequal heights. You might prefer the look of the masonry type over the grid view.

Not sure which style will look best on your site? Test the appearance of your review widget on your Rep.co account. Before it goes live, you can make any tweaks you need until it’s just right.

Pull reviews from multiple profiles

You’ve built up an impressive portfolio of reviews on various platforms. What if you want to pull reviews from multiple sources into your review widget?

With Rep.co, you can add multiple review sources. All your Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, and BBB reviews can be linked to your widget. You can also choose whether you want to display reviews from all your locations or just one.

Filter reviews

You might not want to display all the feedback you receive on the reviews widget. Apply filters so that only reviews that meet your standards will appear. For example, you can choose to display reviews that are 4 stars and up. Any customer reviews that are below your pre-set star rating will not show in the widget.

Ease of access

Our reviews widget functions on multiple types of websites, from WordPress to Wix. Rep.co is designed with the user experience in mind; it’s mobile-friendly and completely adjustable.

To make changes to your widget, log into your Rep.co account, and click the “Review widgets” tab. From there, you can adjust the settings as needed, from the appearance of the widget to the review sources.

Ease of Access

Review generation

You want to populate your review widget with 5-star ratings from your customers. What can you do to collect reviews faster? Our software streamlines the review generation process. Whether you’re looking to collect more Google reviews, monitor new reviews, or analyze review data, Rep.co does it all.

How To Embed Reviews on Your Website

With Rep.co, it’s easy to get your review widget up and running. Copy the embed code from your dashboard and paste it into your website. All that’s left to do is customize the widget to your liking (which you can do through your Rep.co account dashboard).

And that’s it! The plugin takes care of the rest.

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Customers rely on reviews to choose one business over another. When a user visits your website, build their trust in your company with customer testimonials.

Start displaying reviews on your website today with Rep.co. Our review management software makes it easy to market, monitor, and collect reviews. To get started, sign up for your Rep.co account now!

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