The Top Review Sites For Chiropractors

You wouldn’t let just anyone crack your neck - if you’re looking for a chiropractor, you want to find one who you know is experienced. Like many businesses, consumers rely on local reviews to find reliable, qualified chiropractors. It’s an industry that necessitates trust; patients come to chiropractors with pain and injuries, and they want solutions for their suffering. But to find the right chiropractor, they’d rather choose one with multiple 4 to 5-star reviews, than one without any.

Listing your chiropractic business on a review site can get your practice more exposure and credibility. You’re missing out on potentially hundreds to thousands of visitors on your website if your information isn’t accessible. Here are the top review sites that consumers turn to when researching chiropractors:


On this website, patients can filter results by rating and gender so that they find a chiropractor who they are most comfortable with. Chiropractors can claim their online listing for free.


The directory on this site makes it easy to find a chiropractor by city or last name. Patients can sort by new listings or choose one of the featured chiropractors in their area.


While this website is popular for restaurant reviews, it also has listings for businesses like chiropractors. Yelp is known for its candid and honest reviews, so it’s a website that patients will trust.


It’s so important that your business has a GMB account - without it, you’re missing out on free advertising. You can’t afford to lose out on Google reviews; it is the most popular search engine. When patients look for chiropractors, they won’t know that your practice exists if you aren’t listed in their Local Pack.


Patients can see the most recent reviews so that they find the most relevant information to them. This broad directory helps patients find qualified chiropractors.


Many patients trust RateMDs to find reliable reviews by honest people. Chiropractors on this website have hundreds of reviews. Ratings are broken down into relevant categories like helpfulness, knowledge, and punctuality.

Patients need to trust their chiropractors, and online reviews will play a large part in that relationship. 74% of consumers say that a positive review will make them trust a business more. As a chiropractor, you know how important that trust is; your patients deal with pain and injuries daily, and they need to be treated with care. To make them as comfortable as possible, you want your online reputation to represent the quality of your care. But with so many review websites, how do you manage it?

You know how important reviews are for your practice; the next step is requesting and managing them. offers reputation management software that can help build your brand and control your online image. With, you can automate the process of generating reviews; customers will receive review requests on a drip schedule via SMS or email, and you’ll be alerted the moment a new review comes in. Start taking control of your online image with our innovative, user-friendly software.

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