You’re ready to grow your small business into a large-scale enterprise, a company that’s known across the country for providing top-tier products and services. But to do that, you need to learn about what’s working for your business and what isn’t. You need feedback from your customers. 

Online reviews give your business a powerful advantage. Feedback makes the difference between a company that stagnates in an ever-changing market and one that constantly evolves to meet the demands of consumers.

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Review Generation

With, you can do more than generate reviews–you can also gain insight into customer experiences. Refine your products and services by collecting customer reviews. With feedback from your most important clients, you can adapt your business and stay ahead of the curve.

Find out exactly how your review campaign is performing with’s reporting features:

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Why Your Business Needs Review Reports

Success isn’t something that happens by chance; it’s something you continually work toward. You’re guided by your experiences, and with each customer, you learn more about what’s helping your business (and what might be hurting it).

What do customers really think about your products or services? Without their feedback, you might be making mistakes that affect their experiences. With, you can:

Keep Track Of Your Reviews

Once the reviews start coming in, it can be tough to keep track of them. If you manage multiple businesses (or one business with several locations), you need a way to keep track of your reviews. Our reporting tools make it easy to compile your review data.

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Adapt your business based on customer feedback

Your customers notice all the little things that often get overlooked. Maybe the music in the reception area is a touch too loud. Perhaps your dental office could use more comfortable chairs. Or maybe they have a general note about the quality of your products/services.

It can be tough to take criticism, but it’s essential if you want to improve your business. Using the positive review threshold, you can collect negative customer feedback internally. View it using your account to see what you can do to improve the customer experience.

Find out how to engage your customers

You may have requested reviews from customers in the past, but few of them actually filled out the form. What can you do to improve response rates?

When you customize your review requests, you can better capture the attention of your customers. Generic templates aren’t nearly as effective. Test out how different messages perform. If your first request is overlooked, try switching from SMS messages to emails. Or experiment with sending out requests on different days of the week.

With, you can customize each aspect of your campaign. The data you collect can help you tailor your drive for success. Reporting Features gathers information to help you make informed decisions about your business. You’ll never be in the dark about how your campaign is performing. Here’s how you can leverage our review generation software to learn more about your campaign (and your business):


When you log into your account, you’ll be greeted by the main dashboard. On this page, you’ll find the following:

  • Number of locations & campaigns. Do you own multiple businesses? What if you have several locations for the same business? You can set up your account to generate reviews for each entity.
  • Emails sent. Find out how many messages are being sent to your customers.
  • SMS sent (and credits used). By default, each location receives 100 text message credits. A message with 160 characters counts as 1 text message. Depending on where you live, text messages cost a different amount of credits (in Canada, 1 text=1 credit. But in Australia, 1 text=4 credits.)
  • Reviews received. Track the success of your campaign by viewing the number of new reviews you’ve generated.
  • Campaign start date. Find out how long your campaign has been running. 
  • Unique customers. The number of contacts who have been entered into your campaign.

The dashboard is an easy way to get a general overview of your campaign. Check back whenever you want to see your review performance at a glance.


This is where customer feedback (including new and existing reviews) will appear. Find out what your clients are saying about your business. With all the information you need in one place, it’s a great way to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences.


Learn about who’s leaving you reviews, review frequency, and more with our customizable report templates. At a glance, you can immediately see how your campaign is performing. With, you can schedule reports that gather all this information for you.

You’ll get access to review stats like:

  • Total & new reviews
  • Overall rating & overall report period rating
  • Reviews by site
  • Rating breakdown

Choose the frequency of your reports so that you’re always in the loop about your campaign. Schedule them to deliver each day, week, or month. You can also customize the content that appears in your reports; select what you want, and turn off what you don’t.

Want to learn more about’s reporting features? We’ve put together a few answers to the most common questions about

What is review generation software? automates and simplifies the process of collecting feedback from your customers. Our reporting features allow you to gain insight into what clients think about your business. Based on their feedback, you can refine your processes to improve customer satisfaction.

How can my business benefit from reporting features?

With all the information you need at your fingertips, you can use to improve your business. Here’s how:

  • Get more positive reviews. Are customers ignoring your review requests? Try again with a new template, different messages, or other customization options.
  • Make informed decisions about the direction of your business. The next time you plan to change a product, service, or process, you can refer to your reviews to find out what your customers are saying.
  • Highlight insights from your reviews. It’s easy to gather the most important information from your reviews with our report template feature. 

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Online reviews do more than boost your star rating on Google. They also give you powerful insights into what your business is doing effectively. Learn how to improve customer experiences and gain an edge over your competitors with review generation software.

With, you can gather new reviews from your customers and achieve a higher star rating than your competitors. Find out how can transform your business by signing up for your account today!

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