Online Review Management

Would you buy a product with a 1-star rating? Would you trust a business that only had a handful of reviews? 

If you’re like most consumers, you rely on reviews to vet the quality of a product, service, or business. When you can’t verify that a business is trustworthy, you take your hard-earned money elsewhere. 

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You Need A Comprehensive Review Management Strategy

The overwhelming majority of consumers read reviews before making a purchase (up to 95% of them!). Customers judge the credibility of your business based on how many reviews you have. If you aren’t getting new reviews, you’re missing out on revenue.

Direct more traffic to your website and boost conversion rates with online reviews. To do that, you need a comprehensive review management strategy.

You’ve come to the right place. Ready to learn more about online review management? In this guide, we’re going to help your business take advantage of the best marketing strategy: Online reviews.

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Introduction To Managing Reviews

Before we dive into how review management can benefit your business, we’re going to explain what the process looks like

Defining Online Review Management

You need to know what customers are writing about your business online; if you aren’t reading those reviews, you can bet that potential customers are.

Review management is the process of reading, responding to, and tracking your customer reviews. It’s an effective way to control your online reputation.

With a review management strategy, you can…

  • Rectify negative reviews. If a customer leaves you a bad review, you can reach out to them and resolve the situation immediately. 
  • Improve the customer experience. Fine-tune your business based on the feedback you receive.  
  • Draw new customers to your business. With each positive review you receive, people will feel more confident about trusting your business.

With review monitoring, you can respond to reviews shortly after they’ve been posted. Resolve issues quickly with review management.

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The Impact Of Online Reviews

How do customers find your business? Is it through word-of-mouth? Advertising? Or do you generate leads with a 5-star rating on Google?

Businesses invest thousands of dollars in elaborate advertising campaigns. While brand recognition is important, it can’t beat out one factor: Trust.

Consumers Don’t Always Trust Ads

Consumers trust reviews. That’s because reviews are written by previous customers, not the business itself. Reviews are a genuine representation of what someone can expect from your products or services.

One negative review directly affects sales. If someone has a bad experience at your business and leaves a review about it, potential customers will be cautious. The opposite can be said of positive reviews; glowing feedback from happy customers encourages others to trust your business. 

Reviews can impact your business for better or for worse. To avoid negative outcomes, you need to actively manage your reviews.

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Why You Need A Review Management Strategy

As a local business owner, you’re looking for ways to find new customers and improve your brand’s image. Online reviews can do all that and more.
With review management software, you can take your business to the top. Here’s how

Boost Your Position In Search Results

You know that positive reviews influence your customers. But what about search engine algorithms? If you want to rank above your competitors, it’s all about search engine optimization.

All sorts of factors affect your rankings. Online reviews are one of the top 7 local ranking factors. Review management is an important part of SEO.

Google (the most popular search engine) looks at reviews to help determine your rankings. Based on how many reviews you have (and whether they’re positive or negative), the algorithm can assess if your website is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative.

With a higher star rating, more customers will click on your website in search results. But a lack of reviews (or an abundance of low-star reviews) can negatively impact your SEO. Increase your rankings by generating more reviews.

Turn Positive Reviews Into Marketing Materials

You’ve filled your website with persuasive copy and high-quality graphics. It loads quickly, looks great, and has all the information your customers need.

But something’s missing.

Testimonials. Use customer feedback to create powerful content that converts potential customers. These snippets can boost conversion rates because they help consumers trust your business (just like the reviews themselves). 

Since reviews are user-generated, it’s easy to put them together once you’ve collected more of them. Just be sure to ask permission from the customer before using their testimonial. 

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Manage Your Business Reputation

Have you received a bad review or two? You’re always learning from your experiences, but unfortunately, negative reviews stick around even after you’ve implemented changes.

The key is to outnumber them with more recent reviews. With our review management software, you can generate plenty of positive feedback from your happy customers.

Reviews allow you to gather in sights into ways you can improve your business. What processes need adjusting? How can you better serve your clients? What’s the missing ingredient to turn that 4-star review into a 5? Online reviews help you improve your products and services.

Responding to reviews shows customers that you’re actively managing your business. You’re striving to improve the customer experience. You’re concerned with the people your company serves because your clients are more than just revenue streams.

Use Review Management Software To Save Time And Money

Rep.co gathers all the information you need in one convenient dashboard. Find out exactly how your campaign is performing, how many reviews you’re getting, and what customers are saying, with our reputation management software. When you log into your account, you can view everything from your emails sent to reviews received. 

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Which Review Site Should You Target?

You’re looking to generate reviews on sites where your customers are searching for them. Which review sites should you focus your efforts on?
The answer depends on your industry. A dentist won’t see much benefit from generating reviews on a site like Zomato. Instead, they’d be better off focusing on sites like Google, Vitals, or CareDash.
Google is by far the most popular review site. We recommend that all businesses manage their Google Business Profile (which is where customers leave reviews). But it’s a good idea to look at sites with specific relevance to your business, too.

Identify Which Sites You Currently Have Reviews On

Take a look through general websites as well as industry-specific sites. You’ll see the most benefit from actively managing reviews on the sites your customers frequent. 

To narrow your search, you can ask questions like:

  • How many reviews does my business currently have on this site?
  • Is this a high-traffic website?
  • Does this review site match my industry?

Managing two sites is a good place to start; once your review management campaign is up and running, you can always focus on more.

With Rep.co, your account includes 2 review profiles by default. You can choose to add more if you’d like; contact our support team, and we’ll help you out. 

Responding To Reviews

If you don’t respond to a new review, how will that person know you’ve seen it? Your customers don’t know whether you read reviews or not - responding to them is the only way to prove it.

It’s good practice to respond to positive and negative reviews. 

Review responses can encourage repeat business among satisfied customers. They also encourage more people to leave reviews; they know that their feedback won’t go unnoticed. 

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Positive Reviews Help Other Consumers Feel Confident About Choosing Your Business

By responding to them, you demonstrate that you value their feedback. It establishes a relationship with that customer and reaffirms their positive experience.

Sometimes, customers leave negative reviews due to an unresolved issue. Your reply can help solve the problem they’re dealing with, which might persuade them to alter their review. Turn unhappy customers into repeat clients with review management.

Tips For Replying To Reviews

You’ve just been notified of a new review, and you’re scrambling to think of a response. You want to address their concerns and rectify the situation without coming across as dismissive. To help you out, we’ve put together the dos and don’ts of review responses. When you’re drafting your responses, consider the following:

Don’t discredit their experience. Even if you disagree with a review, it’s important not to invalidate that person’s experience. Remember that age-old saying, “The customer is always right”? It applies to customer reviews, too.
Identify a solution. Go the extra mile to resolve the situation by providing a solution. When it comes to negative reviews, this might be a refund, discount, or replacement.

Continue the conversation. Some issues can’t be resolved within a review. It might be best to continue the conversation offline. Offer your contact information or reach out to the customer directly.

Respond as soon as possible. If you respond a week or two later, it may appear as though you aren’t concerned with customer reviews. Try to respond as quickly as you can; doing so demonstrates that your customers are important to you.

Above all else, be compassionate. Your customer has taken time out of their day to leave you a review. Even if it isn’t 5-stars, let them know you appreciate the act. In your response, be professional, kind, and compassionate.

How Rep.co Can Help

Without review management software, this whole process can seem daunting. How will you juggle your current responsibilities with a review management strategy?

Enter Rep.co: A management software designed for business owners like you. Rep.co has everything you’ve been looking for to simplify the review generation process.

Manage reviews with ease using Rep.co. With your account, you can access features that include:

Review Monitoring

Can you imagine the time it would take to manually monitor each review site? You’d have to check all the biggest platforms once a day, from Facebook to Yelp. If you own more than one business, the task quickly becomes unmanageable.

Imagine if you could compile all your review information in one place. You can! Get notified of new reviews the moment they’re posted with Rep.co. Our review management software allows you to always stay on top of your reviews.

As soon as a new review is posted, you’ll know which website it’s on and which business it pertains to. And after reading this guide, you’ll know exactly how to respond.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Save time that you used to spend sorting through reviews. At a glance, you can see how many emails you’re sending, how many reviews you’ve received, and the SMS credits you’ve used. 

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Manage Multiple Locations

If you have several locations for your business, review management becomes even more complicated.

Not with Rep.co. It’s easy to manage multiple locations using your account dashboard. You can see how many reviews each campaign is generating. Customize your review requests based on the unique location of your business.

Resolve Issues Faster

Sometimes, all it takes to rectify a bad review is a thoughtful response from the owner. Quickly resolve complaints with review notifications; you’ll be notified as soon as a review is posted. With Rep.co, you can turn a 1-star review into a 5 in no time.

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Generate Customer Reviews On Different Review Sites

You want to generate reviews on more sites than just Google. With Rep.co, your account includes 2 review profiles by default (with the option to add more as needed). Choose the most popular review sites in your industry, and start building your online presence.

Use Business Reviews To Improve Your Company

Customer reviews are an excellent way to gain insight into how your business can be improved. What can you do to make the customer experience exceptional?

Rep.co will compile all your reviews in one simple dashboard. With a comprehensive overview of all your customer feedback, you can make informed decisions about the future of your business. Boost customer satisfaction rates by using reviews to improve your business.

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Automate The Review Generation Process

You know the importance of managing reviews. But what if you’re having trouble acquiring customer reviews in the first place?

Rep.co makes it painless to populate the biggest websites with reviews. You can customize everything about your campaign, from the feedback widget to the review requests you send out. Once you upload your contacts, you can choose when review requests are sent and what platform you prefer (email or SMS message).

Soon enough, you’ll have dozens of reviews. It’s as easy as signing up for your account, setting up your campaign, and you’re ready to go.

About Review Marketing

Look at the homepage of your website. Now, imagine how it will look with a section full of 5-star reviews written by actual customers. 

With a review marketing strategy, you can stretch the benefits of positive reviews even further. Not only will positive reviews improve your star rating, but they can also serve as excellent customer testimonials for your website or social media.

What makes reviews such a powerful marketing tactic? They act as social proof for your customers. It’s the same reason why word-of-mouth recommendations are so persuasive. 

The next step ties into your overall marketing strategy. Once you collect reviews, the next step is putting them to work. Share those reviews on your website, social media profiles, and advertising campaigns. It’s an effective way to build trust among consumers and boost conversion rates. 

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Looking for the Best Review Management Software?

Rep.co is just what your business needs to step up your star rating. Our online review management software combines all the features your business needs to gain a competitive edge.

With Rep.co, it’s easy to build an impressive review profile. Manage your reputation across multiple review sites, get notified of new reviews, and generate more reviews with ease.

Review management is made simple with Rep.co. Start generating the customer reviews that will get you a 5-star rating on Google. Sign up for your Rep.co account today!

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