The Top Review Sites For Accountants

Would you hand over all your financial information to a total stranger? You probably wouldn’t, not without checking out their background first. It’s hard for consumers to find an accountant they can trust; the thought of sharing bank information is intimidating for many individuals and businesses.

In the accounting industry, online reviews are essential - when customers are searching for an accountant, they’ll look at a company’s reviews before they choose one to call. Your online reputation shows clients whether your firm is reliable, trustworthy, and/or experienced. Here are the top review sites for accountants that you should keep an eye on:


A high-traffic website with a list of accounting firms. It’s easy to find written reviews and star ratings from customers. If accountants have a bad review on Clutch, customers will notice.

CPA Directory

This website lists personal accountants and firms with a link to their profile and website.

The Right Financial Advisor

In this directory, clients can sort accountants by state so that they find the nearest and best local accountant.


Clients can view accountants with the highest ratings or search for them directly.


One of the first review sites, Yelp has been around since 2004. Businesses can sponsor results and include featured highlights to grab the attention of clients.


This website aims to match customers with the right accountant near them. Receiving a “TaxBuzz Verified Professional” badge can boost your credibility along with positive reviews.


Large firms on this site have thousands of reviews. To compete with the top companies, you’ll need a presence on this directory with highly-rated reviews.


As the most popular search engine, Google reviews sees more traffic than most individual websites. When your firm spends money on marketing with Google or Facebook ads, most consumers will search you on Google before contacting you. The reviews they’ll see and your star rating will have a significant impact on whether they choose you as an accountant.

As an accountant, you can retain clients for a lifetime if they’re satisfied with your work. Don’t let bad reviews get in the way of your success. Imagine the impact that a bad review on one of these websites could have. The importance of online reviews cannot be understated - it can make or break your business. One bad review can cost your business 22% of your customers. If you have four negative reviews or more, you stand to lose 70% of your clients. To keep your existing customers and gain new ones, your reputation has to be high-standing.

You can’t overlook how online reviews are tied to the prosperity of your firm; improving your online reputation can garner you more customers. Clients need to trust their accountants; they’re sharing personal financial information with them. The best way to manage your online reviews is by using reputation management software. You’ll be alerted the moment a new review comes in, and be able to respond and address any concerns. Generate, monitor, and analyze reviews using

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