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You run a tight schedule–you hardly have the time to develop entirely new software for the process. That’s what is for. With reputation management software, your clients can generate new reviews, analyze review data, and get notified about new reviews. is designed for agencies like yours. Our white label reputation management software is completely re-brandable; you can customize everything from the appearance of the tool to your pricing tiers. Here’s how to get started:

What Is White Label Reputation Management?

When digital agencies white label software, it means that they rebrand it as their own. Any mention of the software provider is removed and replaced with your agency’s branding.  

With white label reputation management software, your digital marketing agency can offer more services to your customers. Resell our software as part of your brand. White label tools give you total control over the branding of

What Is White Label Reputation Management combines the benefits of reputation management in one. With the ability to customize everything from the domain URL to the brand assets, your agency can take all the credit. Your clients can improve their local SEO, enrich the customer experience, and increase their revenue.

What Is Reputation Management?

You can’t exactly control what customers say about you online. But that doesn’t mean you can’t manage your reputation.

Reputation management involves:

  • Requesting reviews from customers
  • Monitoring reviews so you can respond quickly to new ones
  • Analyzing review data to gain insight into the customer experience

With reputation management, you can effectively generate new reviews for your business and increase your star rating. Build a stronger online presence that catches the eye of potential clients. Our software synergizes with your other digital marketing services to give your clients better results.

Here’s How It Works:

First, you sign up for your account. Once you’ve set up your account, you’re ready to white label the software. You choose what you want to charge for SMS credits, additional locations, and more. Then, set up pricing tiers for your clients. Now you can start customizing the platform. Add custom assets, colours, and content as you see fit. takes care of the rest. Clients set up their accounts on the software to get their review campaigns up and running. From there, it’s only a matter of time before they start generating and analyzing customer feedback.

Here’s how it works

Why Your Business Needs White Label Reputation Management

Broaden your range of services without investing all your time and resources into developing new software. Here’s how your business can benefit by white labelling our reputation management services:

Spend more time focusing on your expertise

You see the value in reputation management–the problem is, you aren’t an expert in the subject. Even if you want to offer this service to your clients, you aren’t sure how to get started.

Why not leave it to the experts? At, we’ve designed a reputation management tool with all the features you need. Let our software look after the review management side of things, and you can focus on what you do best.

Help your clients boost their local SEO

If your agency already offers local SEO services, it will go hand-in-hand with reputation management. Positive reviews are a significant ranking factor. Get even better results for your clients when you pair local SEO services with our reputation management software.
Offer a wider range of services

Clients choose your agency because you offer it all; you’re the total package. With reputation management added to the mix, they have another reason to pick you over your competitors.

Who Can Resell White Label Reputation Management?

Any business that wants to help their clients improve their online reputation can benefit from using This approach is perfect for businesses such as:

  • Digital marketing agencies  
  • B2B businesses
  • Local SEO businesses
  • Social media marketing agencies


Who Can Resell White Label Reputation Management
Why Resell

Why Resell?

Your agency’s success depends on the quality of your services. You want to offer your clients a comprehensive array of marketing services. Give your agency a competitive edge by providing review management. 

Make it easy for your clients to generate more online reviews with When you sell directly to your clients, you set the prices. Choose how much you want to charge your clients. Customers can target multiple online review platforms to broaden their reach. You can even offer savings if they sign up for multiple locations.

What Should You Look for in White Label Reputation Management Software?

If you’re interested in white label reputation management, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. How do you determine which software will work best for your clients?
Not all reputation management software is created equally. You’re looking for one that offers the most value to your clients. With, you’ll get access to the following features:

Review Monitoring

As a business, there’s a lot you can learn from bad reviews. A poor customer experience may result from a simple misunderstanding. You can clear it up by responding to their review. But to resolve the situation, it’s important to post a response as soon as possible.

It’s tough to track reviews. Each day, you need to check popular sites for new reviews. When you add multiple locations to the mix, it becomes even more unwieldy. 

Using our software, your clients can save a lot of time managing their reviews.

Review monitoring
Review generation

Review Generation automates the review generation process. To get started, all your clients need to do is upload their contacts, set up their campaigns, and provide their billing information. From there, your white label reputation management software will take care of the rest.

Clients can start sending review requests as scheduled. They can choose whether to contact customers via SMS message or emails. Soon, they can populate the biggest review platforms with reviews from happy customers.

With more reviews, your client can increase sales and lead generation. And using your white-labelled software, clients won’t need to invest all their time to do so. Getting more reviews is simple with our software by your side.

Accurate And Organized Data

Clients have access to all the information they need in one dashboard. Analyze reviews with ease using

Find out exactly how your campaign is performing on your account dashboard. Customers can log into the software to find out how many requests they’ve sent, reviews they’ve received, and SMS credits they’ve used. They can view all their reviews to gain insights from customer feedback.

With all the data in one place, clients can choose the best reviews to use as customer testimonials on their websites. Review marketing is a great way to turn client feedback into persuasive website content.

Accurate and organized data
Real-time notifications

Real-Time Notifications

When new online reviews are posted, business owners should respond ASAP. Whether it’s a positive or negative review, a prompt response shows the customer that the business values their feedback. But the longer a business owner waits to reply, the less impactful it will be.

Each time new reviews go live, your client will be notified in real-time. They can resolve negative reviews the moment they’re posted. In turn, their responses will encourage more customers to leave feedback.

Customizable Feedback Widget

Part of every review generation campaign is the feedback widget. This is the page customers are directed to when they’re leaving a review.

Using our software, your clients can choose the message that will display after they receive positive reviews or negative reviews. They can set a feedback threshold that prompts the customer to post their review if it meets a certain star rating. If not, they can choose to collect the feedback internally. Clients can even customize the colour and appearance of the widget to match their branding.

Customizable feedback widget
Create multiple review profiles

Create Multiple Review Profiles

Depending on the industry of your client’s business, certain review sites will be more relevant than others. Your client may want more Google reviews, but they also want third-party reviews on sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. 

When your clients sign up for their account, their profile will include 2 review profiles. They can choose to target the sites most relevant to their industry. 

A Responsive Support Team

Whenever you have questions about white label reputation management, we’re here to help. At, our team is available anytime you have questions or concerns. Whenever you need assistance, send us an email!

A responsive support team

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When you add reputation management to your line of services, you can offer your clients even more value. This boosts customer loyalty, improves search engine optimization, and attracts new customers to your agency.

Set your digital marketing agency apart with our white label reputation management software. To get started, sign up for your account today!

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