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Before the internet, we turned to our friends and family for recommendations. Whenever we needed a new plumber, TV, or car, we’d ask the people around us about their experiences. 

Today, we look online for that kind of information. As consumers, we have to sort between dozens of options each time we want to buy a product, choose a service, or decide where to go for dinner. We use online reviews to help us find the best of the best.

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For local businesses, the name of the game is online review management

When a potential customer reads a positive review, it’s as if someone said to them, “Hey, you can trust this business because I do.” It reassures them that by choosing your business, they’re making the right call.

But if your business lacks positive reviews, customers won’t be as trusting.

You can’t turn a blind eye to your online reputation. One negative review could be seen by dozens of potential customers. Consumers trust them just as much as word-of-mouth recommendations.

It’s clear that business reviews are influencing your customers. What can you do to manage your online reputation? You’re looking for a way to keep a watchful eye on your reputation (without constantly refreshing Google).

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Take hold of your online reputation with

With our review monitoring software, you’ll always be in the loop about what customers are saying about your business. Here’s how your business can benefit from monitoring online reviews:

What Is Review Monitoring?

Every day, consumers write thousands of online reviews on popular review sites. How do you know if customers are reviewing your business? You could check those sites each day.

But for most business owners, this approach isn’t feasible (especially if you have several locations or companies). On top of that, you need to monitor reviews on multiple websites, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

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Here’s a better idea: Use to monitor incoming reviews

Our software notifies you each time you get a new review. You can choose whether you get notified about positive, negative, or all new reviews.

Once you’ve set up your campaign, all your new and existing reviews will be synced to the “Reviews” tab. This section gives you an overview of all your feedback.

With, you can keep your finger on the pulse of reputation management. Never miss out on the chance to rectify negative reviews or capitalize on positive ones.

Why Your Business Needs Online Review Monitoring

You know that other marketing methods have their advantages, from the content on your website to the newsletter you send out each week. But online reviews are a step above the rest; they’re trusted far more than conventional advertisements.

Reviews are an unbiased way for customers to evaluate the quality of your products and/or services. Here’s how your business can benefit from review monitoring:

Appease dissatisfied customers

Despite your best efforts, a customer may have a negative experience with your business. While you can’t please everybody, you can do your best to resolve the situation.

When you respond appropriately to negative reviews, it shows customers that you care about their feedback. It demonstrates that you value the customer experience, and you’re always working toward improving it. Those who read your response will see that your business sees the value in righting wrongs. 

And who knows? After reading your response or speaking with you directly, that customer might decide to alter their initial review.

Improve your business based on customer feedback

You’re always striving to improve the quality of your products or services. To keep up in today’s market, your business must adapt.

Which aspects of your business could be improved? If you ask your employees or executives, they might be able to give you some ideas. But what are your customers saying?

Feedback is invaluable to your business; by reading about customer experiences, you can find out what needs tweaking. Gain insight into customer sentiment with review monitoring.

Get a higher star rating

Part of the reason why customers leave reviews is that they want you–the business owner–to read them. If you don’t monitor and respond to incoming reviews, customers may think their feedback doesn’t matter. At that point, they might not bother leaving a review or coming back.

When other people see your responses, it can encourage them to leave reviews of their own. In turn, this can help you generate even more positive reviews.

Use glowing testimonials for your website or social media

Customer testimonials do more than boost your star rating. They also serve as content you can use to attest to the quality of your business.

Consumers are most likely to trust online reviews because they know they weren’t written by the business–they’re unbiased.

That’s why positive reviews are perfect for your homepage and/or social media. Use them to show other consumers that your business cares about client satisfaction. Attract new customers to your local business by using your online reviews as marketing materials.

Build trust with potential customers

People trust online reviews. Reviews are a powerful marketing tool that rival word-of-mouth recommendations. They can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Picture this: A consumer is on the fence about trusting your business. They’re torn between you and your main competitor. One positive review can be enough to sway their decision in your favour. The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more persuasive it becomes.

Customer reviews have been shown to increase conversions by up to 270%. As far as effective marketing strategies go, review management is one of the best.

Improve your SEO

At this point, you might be wondering what business reviews don’t affect. Did you know that online reviews even impact your website’s position in search results?

If you’re trying to outrank local businesses, a 5-star rating and plenty of positive reviews will help you do so. Reviews show search engine algorithms that your business is trustworthy, credible, and authentic.

Positive reviews play an integral part in any successful SEO strategy. With online reputation management, you can outrank your competitors.

How To Respond to Online Reviews

If you aren’t responding to business reviews, you’re missing out on a golden marketing opportunity. By engaging with feedback, you can help establish your brand, build a stronger online presence, and manage your reputation.

The first rule about responding to reviews is this: Respond quickly. Not just to positive reviews but to negative reviews, too. The next step is figuring out how to respond to reviews.

You don’t want people to think you’re ignoring their reviews. Responding to them is the perfect way to show them that you value what they think.

Not sure how to respond? We’ve put together a few tips to help you out. You can change your approach based on how positive or negative the review is. Here’s our advice:

Responding to positive reviews

You’ve just received a glowing review from a happy customer–great! Now’s your chance to make the most of that review by responding to it.

Your review response helps establish a connection with that customer, encouraging them to keep coming back. Clients see that you’re more than a business owner–you’re a person, too. It boosts brand loyalty and customer retention rates.

Top off your message with a promotional message; you could mention an upcoming sale or your latest product that you think the reviewer may enjoy.

Responding to negative reviews

If you receive a negative review, your first instinct might be to ignore it. Criticism can be hard to hear. But ignoring those posts can be damaging to your reputation.

Instead, show others that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, whether it’s by reaching out to learn about the experience or offering a discount/refund to rectify the situation.

We can’t expect that our responses will persuade all dissatisfied customers to change their reviews. Still, you can bet that other people will read those reviews. Your review response is a way to control your reputation; it demonstrates that you value customer service.

In your response, be careful not to accuse the customer of anything or invalidate their claims. Instead, remain positive, and be clear that you intend to help improve their experience. You might offer your contact information to continue the conversation outside of the review.

Generate More Online Reviews

You know that review monitoring is important. But what if you aren’t getting any online reviews in the first place? What can you do to encourage your customers to leave feedback? is a great way to get started. Our review generation software is loaded with features designed to streamline and simplify the review generation process. Automate the process of requesting reviews with custom emails, SMS messages, and feedback templates. Once you’ve set up your campaign, all that’s left to do is sit back while the reviews pour in.

But before you begin your review campaign, a quick disclaimer: Make sure you aren’t violating the terms of service of your chosen review platform.

For example, Google states that review-gating violates their guidelines. This refers to the practice of prohibiting/discouraging negative reviews or only reaching out for positive reviews. In addition, you cannot incentivize positive reviews by giving your customers money or discounts in return.

Monitor New Reviews with

You’re sold on the benefits of reputation management. All that’s left to do is figure out how to monitor your business reviews. Good news: You’ve come to the right place. allows you to track your reviews on popular review sites, including Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific platforms.

Want to know more about how review monitoring works? At, our online review monitoring features include:

Get notified about new reviews

What’s worse than getting a negative review?

The answer: Getting a negative review that your business doesn’t even know about.

If you aren’t aware of what customers are saying online, you have no control over your reputation. Even worse, clients might think that you’re ignoring your online business reviews–they might get the impression that you don’t care about their feedback.

Imagine if you could be notified each time you got a review. You wouldn’t have to worry about what people might be reading or writing about your business online–you’ll always be in the know. And now you can, with!

Track your reviews so that you can stay on top of reputation management

By monitoring online reviews, you can respond punctually to each new post. makes it easy to monitor reviews. On your account dashboard, you can see all your new and existing reviews from your chosen review platforms.

Whether you own a small business or a franchise with locations across the city, our review monitoring will help you keep track of your reviews.

Monitor reviews across multiple locations

If you manage a business, monitoring your reviews poses quite the challenge. You’ve got a lot on your plate as it is–when will you find the time to check review sites each day? As your company grows and you expand to multiple locations, it becomes even more difficult.

With, you can get notified about new reviews at multiple locations. Adjust your campaign as your company grows. You can add more locations and businesses as needed.

Separate locations warrant separate review profiles. You want to ensure consistency across your brand– helps you do that. You can easily monitor and respond to all incoming reviews with

Compile your current reviews

As a business owner, there’s a lot you can learn from customer feedback. Your clients are the people who directly experience your products or services; their input about those experiences is incredibly valuable

Another benefit of using is that we collect your reviews across multiple platforms and display them on your account dashboard. This gives you a comprehensive look into what your customers are thinking. What do they like about your business? What processes need improving.

Adapt your business to improve customer satisfaction with

With review monitoring, you can make changes to your business based on customer feedback. Online reviews are a critical component of any successful business. By monitoring reviews, you can:

  • Show customers that you value their feedback
  • Respond quickly to negative reviews
  • Improve your rankings in local search results
  • Generate even more reviews!


Take control of your online reputation with With review monitoring, you can manage your business reviews with ease. Don’t let new reviews go unnoticed. Sign up for your account today!

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