How to Respond To Negative Reviews Online

August 12, 2022

When it comes to local business, the competition can be stiff. As a business owner, you manage a lot of moving parts: you train and monitor staff, maintain the quality of your products and/or services, and aim to operate as efficiently as possible. But a factor that can greatly influence the success of your company doesn’t exist within your brick and mortar store; instead, it takes place entirely on the Internet. We’re talking about online reviews - which 82% of consumers read. With everything that you have to juggle, your online reputation might fall by the wayside. Considering how important reviews are to your customers, you should be aware of how influential they are - their impact on your business cannot be overstated. 

When customers search for local businesses, they turn to directories like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. If they find your company on one of these review sites, the next thing they’ll see is the conversation surrounding it. Are customers having positive or negative experiences with your goods or services? They will consider this information and compare it to other businesses in your area. The content of your online reviews can persuade consumers whether or not to choose your company.

Competing with other local businesses is tough. If you’re familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), then you know how ranking higher in Google can increase your traffic by up to 36.4%. It’s a way to get a leg-up on your competition. Reviews play an important role in SEO; one study shows how Google reviews are a significant ranking factor for SEO. A higher ranking in search results can make the difference between a customer choosing your business, or a local competitor’s. Online reviews can increase the visibility of your business and persuade customers to choose you over lower-ranked alternatives. 

You understand how positive reviews affect your business - but what about negative ones? The numbers show that a single negative review can deter 22% of customers. That’s bad news for you, and great news for your competitor. But, if you respond to your reviews, you can earn up to 35% more than your average revenue. It’s important to be aware of your online presence so that you can proactively manage these issues. The next time your business receives a negative review, consider writing a thoughtful and considerate response. 

Small, local businesses need to utilize online reviews for their success - they’re a way to persuade consumers to trust your business and purchase your products or services. You know that reviews have a significant impact on your company, but it may seem like something beyond your control. With RepCo, you can take hold of your online image. 

For your local business to stay competitive, you need a way to generate reviews from your customers, monitor incoming reviews, and analyze feedback for insights - what you’re looking for is reputation management software. RepCo offers a powerful tool that can increase the trustworthiness of your business, setting you apart from the local competition. Automate the process of contacting customers, requesting reviews, and receiving alerts when new reviews arrive. Reputation management software can take your business above and beyond your competitors. 

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