Review schema

March 24, 2022

When you search for a business, you’ll typically find their address, contact information, and description; the goal of search engines is to compile all relevant information on one page. Sometimes, you’re also able to see their reviews. This is due to a piece of code called review schema, a marketing tool that can help improve your website’s SEO and increase consumers' trust in your business.

Where do you see review schema? Think about the last time you looked up a restaurant or hair salon on Google. When they showed up in your search results or local pack, you might have noticed that their reviews were also listed - that’s what review schema looks like. These rich snippets are in a highly visible area where customers will see reviews from other shoppers. They will appear either under your website’s title tag or within the details of your local pack listing. This can help your business because consumers will perceive you as more trustworthy, an important part of the sales process.

Review schema has been shown to boost CTR by 63%, and it’s no wonder why. Wouldn’t any consumer choose to click a website with visible 5-star rankings? It signals to customers that your website is trustworthy and high-quality. This code can show shoppers what others think of your products or services. 

But the process of getting review schema implemented on your website is more technical than you might think. Certain rules must be adhered to or else you risk violating Google’s terms of service. For review schema to work, the website must have some authority; it also can’t contain testimonies that are curated by the owners themselves. You need to code the schema in a specific way so that your structured data is in the right location. To add review schema to your website, you may need to contact an experienced coder.

Once your review schema is functional, the last thing you want is for it to display negative reviews. How do you keep track of the new feedback that your business receives? RepCo offers reputation management software that can help. With this tool, you will receive alerts whenever reviews are posted so that you can monitor and respond to them accordingly. You’ll also be able to collect more reviews using our contact system, which automatically prompts your customers. When the data’s in, you’ll be able to analyze the data and find useful insights to improve your business. Reputation management software can increase the quantity and quality of your online reviews.

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