Using review videos to improve SERP CTR

April 15, 2022

If you own a business, then you know how challenging it can be to increase your CTR (click-through rate). It’s measured by dividing the total clicks by the number of impressions, or people who viewed your listing but didn’t click it. CTR is an important measure when it comes to SERPs (search engine result pages), which come up anytime someone enters a query. The success of your website depends on organic traffic that results when you’re listed on the first page of Google. One way to increase this metric is by encouraging your customers to leave you review videos.

A study that measured the effect of videos on email marketing found that they improved CTR by 65%. This information can be applied to the metrics of your website - the sincerity of a video review can encourage more people to click your business. It sets your business apart from competitors with text-only reviews.

When shoppers are on their smartphones, they spend most of their time reading or looking at photos. A video is a medium that’s a welcome change of pace from the norm, with moving visuals and audio. Consumers are sometimes wary of online reviews because they believe that they may be fake. This won’t be a concern with a review video, which has an undoubtedly honest testimonial from a real customer. There won’t be any doubts that this review was typed by someone who works at your company because the user can see their face. 

With such an overwhelming amount of products and services to choose from, consumers use reviews to filter their results. One study showed that 76% of shoppers found reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations from people in their life. The value of video reviews is clear: they’re even more reliable than written ones. People can come across videos on multiple platforms - there’s the video hosting website, the review website, and your landing page. This all leads to more clicks to your website, thereby increasing your CTR. 

It’s enough of a hassle to ask consumers to leave a written review - how do you convince them to make an entire video about your product? RepCo offers reputation management software that can help. You can request video reviews from customers using our drip schedule service, which sends direct messages via SMS or email. This will automate the process of contacting repeat customers who enjoy your services and/or products. Video reviews will make consumers more trusting of your business. For greater control over your online presence, contact RepCo about our reputation management software.

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