We help businesses in all industries manage their reviews.

From small companies to agencies, we offer scalable packages built to suit the needs of your business. Using our automated software and user-friendly interface, you can get started with review management right away.

It’s simple: reviews help your business. By accumulating more positive reviews, you can build trust with new leads. When customers send feedback, you can learn about how to improve future experiences. We offer review management for industries like:

Review Management for Accountants

You don’t need to be an accountant to know that our software is a cost-effective solution for reputation management. If you work in financial services, you spend all day crunching numbers. Let our software crunch online reviews for you.
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Review Management for Doctors

ealthcare is built on trust. Patients need to trust that their doctors will listen to their concerns, employ their medical expertise, and offer them the best care possible. Let your online reviews speak to your ability with Rep.co.
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Review Management for Car Dealerships

A handful of bad reviews are enough to make customers lose trust in your business. With Rep.co, it’s easier to reach out to happy customers and encourage them to leave feedback about your automobile business.
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Review Management for Dentists

Many patients feel uncomfortable at the dentist’s office. What can you do to reassure them? Your online reputation plays a bigger role in that than you might think. Reassure anxious patients by collecting more reviews from your clients.

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Review Management for Lawyers

Your clients are incredibly busy people; if it’s tedious and time-consuming to leave you a review, they won’t get around to it. That’s exactly why you need our reputation management software. Rep.co streamlines the process and makes it as easy as can be.
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Review Management for Chiropractors

Leaving a review shouldn’t be as painful as a spinal injury. Rep.co makes it intuitive for customers to leave genuine, helpful feedback. We deliver review requests straight to your customer’s inbox.
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You can build a stronger online presence.

At Rep.co, we give your business the tools you need to effortlessly begin collecting more reviews from customers. Hear what your customers have to say and use their feedback to refine your products/services. With more reviews, you can build a stronger online presence.
Businesses big and small can benefit from our reputation management software. Online reviews help you grow and scale your business in any industry. Want to learn more about how Rep.co can help your business? 
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