Our review generation software automates the process of collecting authentic reviews from your customers. Build credibility among consumers with online reviews

But you don’t just need more reviews–you need recent reviews. New reviews show prospective customers that your business provides awesome products and services today (and not just 2 years ago). With fresh reviews, your business will appear more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers.

Here’s how Rep.co can help you generate more reviews:

Contact Customers
on Autopilot

Where did you go for dinner last week? If it takes you a minute to remember, then you’ve just demonstrated why it’s important to send review requests ASAP - otherwise, your customers will soon forget about their experiences.
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Quickly populate the biggest review sites with customer reviews

Set up your account to automatically reach out to your customers for feedback. Once your campaign is up and running, you can instantly start generating reviews.

Get more reviews with a platform that works for your business. Soon enough, you’ll have a 5-star rating that’s the envy of all your competitors.

Get Reviews on Your Favourite Sites

You know that Google is the most popular place for online reviews. But what if you’re interested in targeting industry-specific sites, too?

Whether you’re a dentist, a lawyer, or the owner of a car dealership, there are specific review sites and directories for your industry. You want to ask for reviews where your customers are searching for them. Reviews on sites like Avvo, Yelp, or Zocdoc can help you find customers who are already searching for your services.

Our software has native integration with all the main review sites. Your Rep.co campaign includes two review profiles by default; if you’d like to add more, contact our support team.
With multiple review platforms, you can build an online presence on the biggest review sites in your industry.

Generate Reviews
Your Way

You aren’t looking for a generic review template; you want to customize your campaign to best reflect your brand and appeal to your customers. Use Rep.co to customize your review template with your brand assets, tone of voice, and unique content.

You know your customers better than anyone. That’s why our review generation software is designed to be fully customizable. You can edit everything from the review requests to the “Thank you!” message. A custom campaign can improve response rates. Tailor your review request template to suit your customers.

As your business changes, so should your approach to generating reviews. Scale your campaign to match your growing business. You can add multiple locations to your campaign to generate reviews across your city, state/province, or country.

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Easy To Manage Campaigns

Rep.co features an intuitive interface designed with your business in mind. When you log into your account, the dashboard displays all the information you’re looking for. Track how your reviews are performing, manage internal feedback, and tweak your review requests.

Your campaign includes a customizable feedback threshold. If a customer leaves you a review that meets the threshold (typically 4 or 5 stars), they’ll be prompted to leave you a review on a site of your choosing.

You can even choose how requests are sent to your customers. Whether you prefer SMS messages or emails (or a mix of both), you can personalize your campaign to improve response rates. Make changes to your campaign at any time based on how it's performing.

Rep.co even automates the process of adding new contacts.
Contact information can be imported in a few ways:

Upload a CSV with the first name, last name, email address, and cell number of the contact (we recommend using Google Docs).
Set up Zapier integration; with this feature, customers are entered into
your campaign whenever they’re
added to the app.
Manually import contacts using the open public form, then bookmark the page so that it’s easy to access whenever you get a new customer.

Start Your Review Generation Campaign Today!

A 5-star rating will attract new customers to your business. Use feedback from happy customers as testimonials on your social channels. On top of that, more reviews will help your site rank higher in search engines.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of review generation? Managing reviews is easy with Rep.co. Get more reviews with a fully customizable campaign. Sign up for your account today!

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